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Gossips on using WordPress and social media

After using WordPress for several months, and taking half of the New Media Program in CUHK, some thoughts have come to mind. Just list a few on blog and social media consumption nowadays.

  1. To introduce traffic to blog page, I have tried to add links as much as possible. The links contain original URLs of the graphs or statistics cited, together with my social media and personal portal websites. Hope to raise the SEO to a small extent. 😛
  2. The experience of using WordPress is like managing a website on my own, for I can tracking the visitors and traffic data. This is really interesting and can enhance enthusiasm of continuing blogging.
  3. The pre-created moulds and prototypes of website design is amazing and easy to use, which is a shortcut of creating a sophisticate page. Also there is a wide range of customised aspects, encouraging to explore further and demonstrate personal characteristics. As the prevailing book Grown Up Digital suggested, the net generation is amazed with customisation and eager to make the “item” represent themselves.setup-vs-customization
  4. As I look at articles blogged by others, some of which have a charming title, but lots of them fail to support with real good content. This makes me understand more about the Information Smog or Data Smog, which says that it becomes increasingly hard to find out good contents from countless information that is ever generated. On the other hand, it also adds value to good content excelling the plain ones. However, the point is how can good contents be searched and standing out? Perhaps the answer is promotion, marketing, capital investment, or just an opportunity. May good luck!
  5. Just elaborate more on Information Smog. Personally, I have reduced my use of social media to a large extent, and part of that time has gone to information Apps that are specialised in a particular domain. Because of the overload of information, as well as the heavy working load in real life, time spent on apps and all kinds of websites are limited. Social media, for me, is too complex to focus on a tiny thing. As a result, Facebook-like social media is thought to be tiring, trying to cover all the things happening. However, when I have time, I prefer to seek for something related to a specific topic, like food or dating. Focusing on the small may be possibly smarter than the bigger in future, because nowadays one thing that we never lack is information.



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