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Book Review on Thus Spoke Zarathustra

This is an old essay written in my sophomore year in SJTU. Although not major in philosophy, and the insights may be shallow and kind of naive, I’m more than grateful to this exposure to Nietzsche and his famous works. Prof. Li and  Prof. Yao offered great help and guidance during this process, as well as the passion for philosophy.

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這個在內容和形式上屢屢造成審美疲勞的節目,始終牢牢把控著除夕夜流量中心的位置。任觀眾七嘴八舌吐槽批判,來年呈現的仍是不變的內核;任互聯網公司如何叫囂要抱緊年青一代,依舊會對一檔電視節目一擲千金。更離奇的是,即便在互聯網與大小屏幕的衝擊下,春晚在很多人家裡只能算是背景音樂,觀眾的冷漠反映在收視率上,最終成了妥協。這其中必然有多多少少的念舊傳統,讓辦了三十多年的春晚成為棄之可惜的民族記憶。更緊要的是反映了具有中國特色的政治經濟學:通過行政壟斷建立起流量中心,在「綁架」了觀眾的同時,也讓平日里風光無限的大公司們卷入一場惡戰。 Continue reading “談春晚:流量中心、資本「綁架」與中國特色”

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LeEco Makes Further Step into Sports: Buys a UGC Broadcasting Platform for USD 46m

After winning a couple of exclusive rights to broadcast sports events in both mainland and Hong Kong, LeEco, formerly known as LeTV(樂視), has accelerated its move into sports by acquiring a 100% stake in is a live broadcasting platform providing user-generated content from amateur sports commentators. Launched in early 2015, the company is among the fastest-growing tech companies in China, which has attracted 5000 amateur sports anchors and 5 million daily active users. It was recently acquired for RMB 300 million (USD 46M) by Le Sports, subsidiary of LeEco. Continue reading “LeEco Makes Further Step into Sports: Buys a UGC Broadcasting Platform for USD 46m”