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People Daily Cooperates with SUMG: Launched an Info APP Facing Young People

On March 30, People Daily Online and SUMG (Shanghai United Media Group) signed a contract to launch a new media project “Wuli” targeting young generation. It’s never new that traditional media try to embrace the trend in the digital era, but it’s kind of awkward in this case considering the political property of People Daily as the voice of PRC, featured by its serious tones and values.

SUMG, on the other hand, is the monopolist of the mass media in Shanghai, which owns all the giant players including Jiefang, Xinmin and Wenhui newspress. At the same time, SUMG is also an active explorer into media transformation, and has successfully operated several news websites or Apps in recent years, such as Jiemian and The Paper.

Birth of Wuli

Traditional media is struggling to find a way out in the Internet world. In this transition period, technology is a fundamental enabler to achieve paperless and on-demand consumption, while consumers are the ultimate factor that drive old media to make a change. Continue reading “People Daily Cooperates with SUMG: Launched an Info APP Facing Young People”

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Make your product desirable: why emotion matters and how to measure it


Why emotion?

Without emotions, your decision-making ability would be impaired. Emotion is always passing judgments, presenting you with immediate information abut the world.

<Emotional Design> by Donald Norman

Because minimal differentiation now exists among the products offered in the technology market, buying decisions are emotion driven

What is emotion?

  • ABC model
    – A: physiological arousal (e.g., heart rate changes)
    – B: behavioral expression (e.g., facial expressions)
    – C: conscious experience, subjective feeling of an emotion
  •  Primary emotions
    – Emotions we feel first, in response to a situation
    – Fear, grief, anger, love, empathy, hope, disguise
  • Secondary emotions
    – Feelings attached to objects, events, and situations
    through learning
    – Based largely on memory (Plutchik, 1980)

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BBC Worldwide Signed New Digital Deal with Mango TV

BBC has made further extension into the Chinese market. After previous Strategic Partnership agreement signed in October 2015, BBC Worldwide has recently signed a new deal with Mango TV. Henceforth, subscribers of Mango can have access to some documentary and preschool content from BBC, including Tigers About the House, Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, the Numtums etc.

Mango is the online video platform behind China’s second-most-watched TV channel Hunan TV. In addition to its iconic entertainment shows produced by Hunan, Mango also provides a wide range of video contents from home and abroad.


In the context of globalization, the essence of BBC and Mango’s collaboration is the trade of media content, which can be reused as well as recycled to constantly generate profit. For the sake of BBC, its extension into new markets may not only help to boost revenue in both short and long run, but also drive intangible benefit like reinforcing its cultural impact. Continue reading “BBC Worldwide Signed New Digital Deal with Mango TV”