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卻不想「弄潮兒」也可能被嘲弄。用戶無意間成為了數字資本主義下的虛擬勞工,無償貢獻出資本積累必要的社會勞動時間,為企業創造價值。這個過程中,「用戶生成內容」(User Generated Content,簡稱UGC)即是市場中進行交換的商品, 這一「你情我願」的貿易關係鏈也並不像看起來那麼美。 Continue reading “用户生成内容(UGC)背後的數字資本騙局”

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GoPro: Progress and Dilemma Under the S-C-P Paradigm

The rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets has brought about huge business opportunity to action cameras since 2010. GoPro, as a dark horse dominating this niche market, has achieved outstanding performance during past years, and completed its listing on Nasdaq Stock Exchange in June 2014.

However, faced with an influx of competitors and a misstep of pricing policy on Hero 4 Session, the company has recently got into trouble as its shares go below IPO price, even to dismiss hundreds of workforces.

Structure-Conduct-Performance paradigm (Bain, 1959) is utilized in this essay, to analyze how GoPro’s conduct and performance interacts with each other under the development of action camera market, and to provide insights for future. Continue reading “GoPro: Progress and Dilemma Under the S-C-P Paradigm”

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Customer Journey: challenges and how to maximise the use

Customer journey is an enduring concept that helps to map the flow how customers make decision and how they establish the relationship with the brand. However, although it is so widely adopted, there is actually no perfect structure to reflect and conceptualise the real case.

Moreover, the digital trend has reshaped every aspect of marketing, as well as consumption. It seems more than difficult to convert knowledge or data from the journey into practical communication, “pushing” customers to a further stage.

How to overcome these barriers and avoid misreading of the data? How to change old perceptions and embrace the new reality?

Continue reading “Customer Journey: challenges and how to maximise the use”